AIM Systems develops non-contact measurement solutions and systems for industrial manufacturers and quality laboratories. With its claim to a deep physical understanding of measurement methods, our company offers high-end measuring instruments, particularly for the analysis of paints and other coatings using thermo-optical methods.

Understanding CoatPro and us

Our own electronics

If you want to have full control over the performance of your measurement technology, you must keep the core of your products under your own control.

The very best processing and fine tuning are a must for us and CoatPro!

First-class optics

High-precision measurement technologies require first-class optical components. Consequently, we will not accept any compromises here either and will only use products that we have developed ourselves or products that have been custom-made for us by certified manufacturers.


User software should never be complicated.

We have, therefore, made it our mission to make our CoatPro software as simple as possible, and to keep the training requirements as low as possible for the user.

CoatPro fields of application

Properties and advantages of the CoatPro

Special features of the CoatPro

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